Le Rouet, Lines and Curves

Le Rouet 帆板

Le Rouet, Home of the windsurfers, photographed in a very long and infra-red pose. This allows to create, without post treatment, these effects on the sand, the sea, ...

print medium

"Papier Satiné" 'Satin paper' is a Lumijet Hahnemühle Satin (255g/m²) Bright White. It offers outstanding quality for contrast and color.

The art paper is a Canson Infinity Platine Fibre Rag (310 g/m²). The Look and feel of the famous paper barium is combined with a pure white obtained without the addition of optical brighteners.

The  modern aluminum support strengthens, reinforces the intensity of the photos and eliminates the need for a frame.