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  • Aigrette - Egret - Reiherfeder

    Fashion Week


    Egret walking on the pond, at Sigean (close to Narbonne), during the Paris Fashion Week.

  • Bergeronnette - Wagtail -

    Wagtail in Backlight

    Instant caught in flight, Beautiful draped wings of the wagtail in a sublime backlight

  • Salt Shelll - Stalactites de sel

    Salt Shell


    Sun, salted waters, winds, natural sculptures

    A totally different universe, burning,  abrasive, magic and silent. a white death . Interior decoration tag : Still.

  • Sterne - Sculpture vivante


    Tern in hover. Black and white Image. Graphic and instant seized on the flight.

  • Dessèchement - Dehydratation

    Drying Out

    Soil broken by evaporation.
    Wood burned by salt.
    the water returns to a desolate land.
    Is it too late?

  • Couple Libellule - Dragonfly - Libellenkupplung

    Dragonflies Union


    Union of two dragonfly while flying. The male hooked the female
    which in return decided to accept this flying romance

  • Méditerranée 2016 - Tribute to the victims.

    Mediterrean Sea. 2016

    Symbol of the tragedy in the Mediterranean.
    Drownings, calls for assistance, wasteland.

  • Portel des Corbieres

    Portel des Corbières

    400 000 years BC, men (and women)  used to travel from Tautavel to Portel, looking for precious stones, gems and desert roses.
    Interior Decoration tag : Mystic.

  • Pélican - Cormorants .

    Instant Calme

    Pelican and Cormorants in a contemplary state of mind.

  • Le Mont Canigou vu de Taura

    Shades Of Grey

    Photo :

    From Corbières to Canigou. Shades of gray, lines and curves in a naturally appealing environment. Interion Decoration Tag : Breathe .

  • Les citernes de Port la Nouvelle Oil Tanks

    Oil Tanks

    Oil tanks and metallic structure. Post industrial cemetery.
    Interior Decoration tag : steampunk

  • Bages - Village d'Art


    Bages and its surrounding salted ponds, where flamingos, egrets, cormorants eats, walked and fly.
    Interiior Decoration tag : PEACE 

  • Flamants Roses - Flamingos -

    Wet Zone

    Flamnigos evading over the ponds. 

    Interior decoration tag :  Evasion

  • Gruissan - Le Jazz

    Jazz House

    Jazz House. on the beach. 
    Gruissan - Les Chalets - Aude 

    Interior Decoration tag : Jazz 

  • Gruissan - les châlets

    Fisherman House

    Les Chalets, Gruissan. The Fisherman house. Built on stilts, to cope with submersive waves in winter, these are typical from this peninsula. Interior decoration tag : Gruissan

  • Communist Garden - Jardin Ouvrier

    Communist Garden

    Like a commnunist garden , this little place named "La Paix" or "For peace"  trembles each four or five minutes as huge freight train pass by.
    Interior decoration tag : Peace

  • G14-G16 - Les Grues mécaniques

    G 14

    Gigantic graphic cranes . Industrial design.
    Interior Decoration tag : Industry

  • Ca pète à la gueule


    Ruins - Poverty and disillusionment. 
    Interior Decoration Tag : Abandonned dreams

  • Le Rouet 帆板

    Le Rouet, Lines and Curves

    Le Rouet, home of the windsurfers,  photographed in a very long and infra-red pose. This allows to create, without post treatment, these effects on the sand, the sea, ...

  • The Big Pollution - Pollution Grandeur Nature

    The Big Pollution

    Photo  :Full Size. Can on a beauch, after the summer seasonInterior decoration tag: Silence.